Hungary day 2 – history museum parliament Danube River Buda Castle

Day 2 – Hungary History Museum, Parliament Building, Danube River walk, Chain Bridge, Buda Castle area, Palace of Arts concert.

Chain Bridge - Budapest, Hungary

168 – Chain Bridge – Budapest, Hungary

Jo napot!

I survived the first day, ate, drank, and fell asleep. Day 2 started with sampling more Hungarian cuisine – at McDonalds. Hungarian for breakfast is McReggili. Then a stroll around Budapest, followed by more strolling, interrupted by occasional bouts of additional strolling. Activities and visits today included the Hungarian history museum, the Danube river bank, Hungarian Parliament Building, the Buda Castle area, the Budapest history museum, a concert at the Palace of Arts concert hall (Szaksci Mozartot Jatszik but I don’t know what that means, it was stupendous anyway), finished with more Hungarian food – a Doner Kebab.

I met a Romanian dentist from Transylvania. I’m not making that up. Yes, there were a few jokes made about vampire teeth.


  • 004 – My apartment road. Ibi Fordraszat is Hungarian for “here is your apartment Rob”. I discovered today (Rest of World time zone) that the Hungarian word for “bean” is “bob”. How appropriate Mr Rob … or Mr Bob.
  • 008 – Budapest apartment buildings.
  • 013 – Budapest apartment buildings and an absence of rainy weather. The city reminds me of Vienna a bit. Well, you could probably pick any central European city instead of Vienna.
  • 015 – Hungarian National History Museum, a fascinating place (really, it was very interesting). There’s also a Budapest History Museum in the Buda Castle area, not as fascinating.
  • 026 – Grand entrance staircase in the museum.
  • 035 – Ancient Danske Moebler wall unit for the lounge.
  • 051 – Franz Liszt’s piano. He nicked it from Beethoven (Beethoven’s mother put a name tag above the keyboard in case he lost it, Franz nicked it anyway).
  • 060 – The Isten Hozott room (Isten Hozott was a famous Hungarian museum display cabinet designer).
  • 086 – Dubai Duty Free … oops, I mean, old Hungarian artifacts. But really, the first thing I thought of was a Dubai Duty Free shop when I entered this room.
  • 100 – Traditional Hungarian cafes in amongst modern Hungarian buildings.
  • 108 – Where old Fiats go to die …
  • 113 – Down by the river (River Danube) …
  • 118 – The Chain Bridge – the first bridge across the Danube (the first in Budapest that is).
  • 124 – Hungarian Parliament building. Free entry if you’re an EU citizen, otherwise pay up for a tour. But get there at 0800 to book a tour time.
  • 143 – The Chain Bridge again. After I fell off.
  • 168 – The Chain Bridge. It wasn’t raining today so I took a few more photos.
  • 180 – Further evidence that I am actually in Budapest.
  • 191 – Hungarian Parliament building. In classic neo-retro-pseudo-hihothediddlyo Gothic style.
  • 207 – Budapest bridges are only for cars and bicycles. Buses have to swim.
  • 235 – The central Pest area from the Buda side of the river.
  • A slight pause in photography because I dropped my camera. Fortunately I brought a spare camera.
  • 575 – The Palace of Arts where someone played some Mozart music. There was a problem with the piano though, someone forgot to put the lid on (lucky it wasn’t raining today), but it went out of tune and got trolleyed off the stage after the second piece of music.
  • 594 – The Bela Bartok hall or auditorium in the Palace of Arts concert theatre. Most impressive.
  • 641 – The yakkydakkydablahblahblah building.
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