Hungary trip report

One week in Hungary daily trip reports and photos …

  • Day 1 – Arrival at Budapest Airport, collect rental car, apartment check in, Budapest Opera House tour, St Stephens Cathedral, walk around central city area.
  • Day 2 – Hungary History Museum, Parliament Building, Danube River walk, Chain Bridge, Buda Castle area, Palace of Arts concert.
  • Day 3 (drive) - Visigrad, Esztergom Basilica, St Stephens Cathedral (again), Budapest.
  • Day 4 (drive) – Villa Romana Balaca, Lake Balaton, Balatonfured, Tihany Peninsula, opera – Barber of Seville.
  • Day 5 (drive) - Eger, Eger Castle, Eger Basilica, Bukk National Park, ballet – The Karamozovs.
  • Day 6 (drive) - Budapest Citadel, Pannonhalma Abbey, Gorsium-Tac Roman ruins, Siofok, Citadel and Budapest at night.
  • Day 7 (drive, walk) – Budapest, Citadel, Matyas Church (Mathais?), Fisherman’s Bastion, Parliament building tour, Margaret Bridge.
  • Day 8 – check out, departure, no sightseeing.

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